Litchfield Catfish Acres


Litchfield Catfish Acres

Welcome to Litchfield Outdoors Catfish Acres "Home of Michigan's Largest Catfish". Located 10671 Cook Rd in Litchfield, Mi 49252. Our Pay Lake features some of the largest blue, channel and flathead catfish to ever swim in Michigan. We have had eight fish caught over the current state record of 47 pounds, with the largest weighing 76 pounds. We stock monthly and release all fish over 7 pounds to help manage for trophy fish. Every fisherman is allowed 3 catfish under 7 pounds and up to 25 bluegills to keep.

10671 Cook Rd
Litchfield MI 49252 United States

Hours of operation:
Open 24 Hours for fishing starting with the first Friday in May every year & Ending on Labor Day


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